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Mold Cooling: Discover the many advantages of Pulse Cooling Technology.

Pulse Cooling senses the mold surface temperature and applies a pulse of coolant at maximum flow rate directly from the chiller or cooling tower during each molding cycle for maximum heat removal. Each cooling pulse equals the excess heat from each molding cycle and compensates for cycle time, melt and ambient temperature and coolant pressure changes (flow).
This mold cooling method has many benefits.

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Conventional Cooling Cycle Time = 28 sec. Pulse Cooling Cycle Time = 18 sec.
Plastic Injection Mold Cooling Pulse Cooling Plastic injection Mold Cooling

  Pulse Cooling results in many benefits:

1. Direct control over MOLD SURFACE TEMPERATURE - not just waterline

2. Quick warm up, only the very molding surface reaches temperature, not the entire mold

3. Higher production quality output - full flow - full velocity cooling with cold water

4. Higher quality parts through gradient dissipation during soak period

5. Allows processor optimizing of the molding cycle (visual feed back of mold temperature)

6. Eliminates thermal drift (warpage, sinks, distortion and inconsistent fill)

7. Precision control of molding surface temperature results in predictable parts through

    compensation and correction of: 

                                                  Ambient Temperature changes

                                        Water supply pressure changes

                                Back pressure changes

                         Water Temperature changes (chiller or tower)

                   Cycle changes (manual operation)

            Platen and machine temperature changes

       Day and night shift changes

Partial plant shut down - (flow / pressure / temp. changes)  

8. Continuous temperature readout of MOLD SURFACE temperature without cycle interruption

9. Instant audio warning. Minimum down time - Avoids subsequent problems (material degradation)

10. Very low power consumption (10 WATT/ZONE) approximately $10.00/year

11. Minimum water consumption - Uses no more cooling water than necessary for each molding cycle

12. Minimizes cooling line contaminant build up due to full velocity pulse cooling

13. Does not add unnecessary heat load to plant cooling system

14. No floor space required - machine mounted - no clutter in back of machine

15. Total interchangeability from smallest mold to molds with up to 2" waterlines

16. Constant quality control assures parts are produced within predetermined temperature window

17. Automatic sorting of parts for quality control - Relay contact is provided for robotic pick up

18. Eliminates mold condensation for low temperature molding (including blow molding)

19. Eliminates mold damage caused by thermal growth .000 00633"/"/degree F

      (misalignment of telescoping, shut offs and mating surfaces)

20. Eliminates mold jam-ups (tapered shut offs due to temperature differences)

21. No heaters, motors or pumps required = NO MAINTENANCE

22. Two Way communication - for PC and machine downloading available


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